When connecting People and Brands to the global news agenda we add Purpose.

People's expectations on brands – to take action on social and environmental issues – are rising rapidly.

We empower our audience – and invite brands to participate. Through our partnership with the UN we link the 17 goals for sustainable development with news stories from around the world.

Our redistribution programme “Infinite Heart” means all engagement on generates real money – sat away by Newstag – to make a real difference through our vast network of nonprofit organizations.

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We did the legwork to secure global use rights from the worlds leading news providers – and we constantly keep adding more content. Every minute of the day our feeds are automatically updated – providing 40-50 000 stories every month.

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Our offerings

All the news, always free, no ads.

  • A 24/7 news site powered by the crowd.
  • Connecting global news and sustainability - Make a change while watching.
  • Create & share personalized news channels.


Reinventing brand communication. Let the world's greatest storytellers empower your brand.

  • Curate, edit, publish - in one tool.
  • Your brand identity and message mixed with the most relevant, authentic and meaningful stories from around the world.
  • Fast, simple & cost effective.


A truly disruptive tool for distribution of video - enabling highly personalized feeds.

  • The broadcast solution of tomorrow.
  • Hyper personalized based on location, subject, demographics and more - powered by AI.
  • Stiched on the fly, complete with intro, overlays and transitions.

Our vision

To co-create the most relevant and sustainable news source in the world.

Our mission

To empower people and organisations to use news as a force for good.